View Full Version : Poor Optimization and Horrible FPS As A Result

27th Aug 2016, 21:02
Hi there,

So I wanted to ask about a problem I've been having, in the hope (however inprobable it may be) that an official decides to respond and look into it.

What I'm having trouble with is performance. I run a pretty decent rig, comprised off 32gb of Ram , a I7-4930k cpu and a GTX Titan. I also have the latest drivers installed.

Unfortunately I just don't manage to run this game well. I have to numb down or just turn off every single advanced graphic option in the game and barely make a consistent 60fps. Now, I can live with not using MSAA and v-sync and the advanced lighting features and such, but there comes a point when, if you're forced to lower your graphical fidelty so much, far beyond what your hardware should be able to support, it kinda ends up killing the experience and it becomes very frustrating.

I mean, we invest in good quality hardware so that we can actually play a high end game smoothly, and making use of all (or at least most) graphical options provided to us, not so that we can look at all the options in the menu, without actually being able to use half (or in this case any) of them...

What's upsetting is that I have a friend for example, who has a lower spec CPU than me. In fact, he pretty much has a lower spec rig all-round. Somehow however, he is able to run the game maxed out (including MSAA) with a consistent 60 FPS. If that's not irritating, I don't know what is.

To me Deus Ex is an experience, much like The Witcher or Fallout in that sense. You can play these games again and again but your first playthrough is special. It's an experience you never relive after you've commited yourself to starting it. Now, I am determined to make the most out of said first experience, which includes making the game look good and run properly with a decent FPS.

I have been considering doing an upgrade to the 1080 or eventually the gtx1080ti. So if this never really get's 'solved' or there is no other alternative, I will at least be able to go that route and hope for improvement. I figured I'd hop on and see if this issue is universal, and wether or not a lot of people have it, or if I'm a minority in this.

This game obviously wasn't ready for release, but of course shedules have to be met, retailers pleased and revenue streams brought to fruition. As a result, the game's image is suffering greatly.

Although I've read reports of the devs claiming that all those who complain about this are 'people that don't know the difference between 'performance' and minimal hardware', I know someone who is running on at $17,000 dollar workstation with Dual Xeon E5-2687W v4 12 Core with 48LP running at 3.5GHz and DUAL NVidia Quadro M6000 with 24GB Video Memory running SLI.

As soon as this individual turns on MSAA at 2X, he can barely get the FPS above 14. This is NOT his 'misunderstanding' of how graphics hardware works, but rather how this game was released BEFORE IT WAS READY.

Perhaps some day this industry and those who strive to advance it will realize that making believe problems don't exist, keeping to ridiculous release shedules, and blaming the customer will not get anyone anywhere.

It goes without saying that I'm hugely dissapointed by this, as I am now left not only with a massive let down, but also a product I can technically not properly use or enjoy, although I have payed for it. refund is always an option, but I'd like to hear an official comment on this and give us an idea when the hundreds of thousands of people who are having this kind of issue, will actually be able to enjoy the product they payed for.

Thank you.