View Full Version : Constant CE-34878 Crash on PS4 - Extremely Angry & Frustrated

27th Aug 2016, 18:23
Ok. I recently had this issue with Hitman to the point where I quit playing it because of it's CONSTANT CRASHING to the PS4 menu. I had even purchased the collectors edition and all of the episodes. Waste of money!! Now I have to deal with this crap in this damn game. Another waste of money! I'm only on the mission to find Koller in the Bookstore at the very beginning and it's CONSTANTLY crashing!!!!! I HAVE ZERO ISSUES WITH DARK SOULS 3 or UNCHARTED 4 or FALLOUT 4 or any game made by another company. Now I'm reading all this garbage that I may need to go as far as re-initializing my PS4!!!??? BULL****! This is a Square Enix issue and I'm tired of paying good money for broken games that don't work. I've already rebuilt my database due to the previous problem with Hitman already so don't tell me to do that because IT DOES NOT WORK!!!! Fix your broken games and stop blaming Sony! That's all I'm seeing in your replies to other posts! My friends are telling me the reason they aren't buying Square Enix games are because of the issues they've recently read about their games (Specifically Hitman and Dues Ex)! Well....due to my fandom of BOTH games I fell for it....I guess you played me for the fool while you pocket my cash!!! To Hell with Final Fantasy XV....it will just be another piece of unfinished garbage!!!!