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27th Aug 2016, 17:57
So I got to the point in 01011000 where I need to get the data read at the antique shop. However, when I walk into the shop I can hear the shopkeeper talk but he isn't there at all. I hacked my way into the basement but when I get halfway down the stairs a cutscene triggers incorrectly and I'm stick staring at a weird zoomed in spot on the wall indefinitely with no way to skip it. The only way to get out of the bugged cutscene seems to be to load a previous save.
Anyone run into this bug or have any idea how I might fix it?

27th Aug 2016, 22:37
In the SM 06 01011000, i am stuck at the cutscene when i insert disk and activate it, nothing happens and i have to reload if i want to move.
there is one thread about that on steam forum :


I can't continue the main quest since the game telling me that the unfinished side quests will fail if i go further :( .

The latest patch 524.15 don't seems to have fixed the issue, hope this will be good for the next one.

31st Aug 2016, 12:46
Up, i hope devs are aware of this.

31st Aug 2016, 14:37
I have a similar issue with this mission, it crashes to desktop every time I get near the Window or the Room where the bad guys are at right at the start of the mission.

8th Sep 2016, 13:57
Still not fixed in the latest patch ...

23rd Sep 2016, 12:30

Could you supply us with an affected savegame for further investigation?

Thank you