View Full Version : Perma search and panic bug outside Adams Apartment

27th Aug 2016, 17:44
First off I would appreciate genuinely if anyone posting in this thread can avoid any spoilers even minor I am a huge Deus Ex Fan. I just bought a new tv to play the game and this one is turning out to be my favorite game in the series.

Other than this but this has been one of the best gaming experiences of my life. I like going into the story blind.

There is a bug where at night the entire area near Adams Prague apartment is stuck on perma panic. I have spent a couple of hours attempting to track it down. It seems like there are police drones stuck inside the apartment walls which for some reason are shooting in an otherwise calm and orderly area. They subsequently trigger all near by police and civilians into either panicking or perma searching for the disturbance.

I have done everything I can to reset the area without progressing the story to much. I have completed one story mission loaded out of the area completed a side mission in the area. I have also tried using EMP grenades against the wall but while one drone is able to be disabled by the mailboxes nowhere near anyone the two that sound like they are shooting weapons if you get against the wall they are stuck in would trigger all the local police as they congregate to the spot.

First off I am wondering if this is a well known bug. Secondly I am hoping someone from Eidos or in the community can help me troubleshoot out of the bug so I can complete the side quest in the area and avoid any further issues. My goal is to complete the entire game. The detective with the beige jacket and shaved head and mustache pulls his pistol and looks to track down the disturbance indefinitely preventing me from moving forward with the side quest and talking to him.

If needed I would be happy to provide video and pictures to help get this bug fixed if it isn't already well documented.