View Full Version : game already a disappointment 5 mins in

27th Aug 2016, 17:13
so the game loads and I'm on the rooftop, I load up all my cool stuff including 5 praxis kits 6k credits some crazy amount of spare parts and ammo and grenades, I approach the first gap to jump down, go looking to make sure I have icarus aug to hot key or auto use officially and not just from movie to keep me from going splat, pull up aug screen game crashes, ok I say no big deal, I reload game, reload auto save (nice function right?) except it didnt capture the info for my praxis spare parts ammo or grenades or credits (everything I paid for) and now I'm out all of that and only 5 mins in, anyone from Eidos who reads this I could use a little feedback and help, I await holding breath, at this point I'm looking towards refund already