View Full Version : [PC] Feedback on UI

27th Aug 2016, 16:33
Hello Square Enix & Nixxes,

Thank you for bringing this game to PC!

I have some feedback regarding the UI.

1. It would be great to have menus close by hitting the button that opens them. For example if I press 'M' to bring up the map, I instinctively hit 'M' again to close it. This is standard with PC games in general and so it feels counter-intuitive to reach for 'escape' in this context.

2. Having the quick aug slots displayed on the HUD in a D-pad arrangement makes it difficult to see at a glance which augs are assigned to F1-F4 (these keys are of course arranged in a straight line on the keyboard). Furthermore, the HUD arrangement doesn't correspond to the aug wheel. If I recall correctly, the F1 slot is top on the HUD but left on the wheel. Somewhat confusing, especially for a new player; I made several errors during the first mission due to this.

3. A custom cursor would be swell. The standard windows hand is somewhat immersion-breaking!

Many thanks for your hard work to date and good luck with all that's to come.