View Full Version : Zoom/Aim down sights pulls up and right (photo/video evidence)

27th Aug 2016, 12:52
Hey all,

I've run into a strange problem. I've seen it reported infrequently (once here and once on the Steam forums). I figured I'd take some screens and video to share what's happening.

The issue is two-fold.

1) In order to interact with an item like a object or body, the cursor/reticle must be positioned to the right of the object. Looking directly at an object with the reticle centered will not allow interaction. Two images below show how far off you need to be in interact.



2) Any time I aim down sights or zoom with either the mouse or a controller, the view pulls hard to the right and up. In the video I have all I've done is pull the left trigger on the controller and the RMB on my mouse over and over. no other movement.


Has anyone else experienced this that has a fix? I'm dying to play this, but obviously, if I can't highlight objects or easily zoom, that's a no-go.

27th Aug 2016, 13:29
OK. So, couple of things to note. This is now FIXED (for me).

I have an eyetracker. It was turned off and the cable was even disconnected. Here's how I fixed this:

1) Turn eyetracker on via the hardware. It works!

2) Turn eyetracking off in the game. This SHOULD fix the problem. It did for me.
If you alt-tab out and turn the eyetracker off, the whole thing goes wonky again. Don't do that. Just turn the eyetracking features off in the game. Hope this helps others.

If you DON'T have an eyetracker, it's been recommended by Eidos Montreal it unplug other USB devices one by one. This may also fix the problem.