View Full Version : Is there SLI support?? (1080 strix sli) VERY poor performance @4K ultra.

27th Aug 2016, 09:59
Hi everyone,

Ill start with my current system specs:

6700K @4.5ghz
32Gb ddr4-3200
2 x Asus 1080 strix (sli) - oc'd - +45gpu, +200mem

Current graphics settings:

4K resolution
Contact Hardening shadows - OFF
Everything else Very High/Ultra

When I run benchmark, I get average of 28.4fps. I get EXACTLY the same result (I.E. 28.4fps) when I run same settings and resolution, but with MSAA @4x and contact hardening shadows on High.

According to "Guru3d's" post about performance, a single 1080 at this resolution and settings gets an average of 25fps.

I have driver version 372.54.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Is there SLI support for Deus Ex? Can anyone suggest a fix to this problem?



27th Aug 2016, 15:08
Use Overwatch's SLI bits through nVidiaProfileInspector.