View Full Version : Subtitles are way to small on TV

27th Aug 2016, 08:03
There are 2 issues with subtitles in this game on PS4:

- subtitles are extremely small on TV, should be 2 or 3 times larger. The rest of the HUD is ok in default size, though.

- subtitles for the cutscenes are lumped together 5-6 lines at a time, sometimes showing up more than 10 seconds before the words are spoken, which is really distracting. The correct way to display subtitles is max 2 lines at a time, synced as closely as possible to the voice.

Please fix this, as it is really annoying. Here is a great text with in-depth explanation about best practices for subtitles in games: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/IanHamilton/20150715/248571/How_to_do_subtitles_well__basics_and_good_practices.php (note: DX:MD is guilty of 3 out of 3 most common problems)

31st Aug 2016, 15:51
I'd like to add to this as well and say that the description text and menu text in general is also really small. I wear glasses and play at night and really struggle to read everything. An option to change text size would be amazing. Also playing on PS4.