View Full Version : question about examine 1...

David 070
9th Jul 2002, 05:44
can someone explain how to make my own message with examine1????

like the one in laras' clone, where you look at the newspaper and read a message...

how is this done?????????????????????

9th Jul 2002, 08:54
I don't think it was the examine1 since it originally was the scrap of paper, where the translation for the egyptian signs was.

I think it's just examine 2 or 3 that looks like a piece of newspaper.

But to edit the text for the exmanie 2 - you just have to edit the lines in english.txt, where it is written Rules1 (and 2) or something like that. At the begining of each line you must add /n if I remember correctly. The lines for examine3 are Petepoo. Ask if you need more help.