View Full Version : DLC items location?

27th Aug 2016, 03:55
where do you pick them up at??

or do you have to start a brand new playthrough to get them?

27th Aug 2016, 03:59
From what I know, tutorial covered that.
Go to the item tab and you will see "storage" and that's where DLC item should be.

27th Aug 2016, 05:25
Everything is there BUT the weapons and augmentations. The dlc said that it includes an augmentation, so i would have thought it would automatically add it to the skill tree, but i don't see it. And there isn't a storage tab on the skill tree, so you don't get it that way.

27th Aug 2016, 21:26
I didnt get any of the DLC items even though on my PS4 it showed everything DL and loaded.