27th Aug 2016, 01:25
I killed Marchenko and the mission progress didnt continue, so the objectove is to ''Stop Marchenko before he blows up the towers'' but I already killed him!! So im trapped in this area I was really enjoying the game up to this point but this really frustrates me, also my last save was almost 7 hours ago and I dont want to go back that far. The game also autosaved after I killed him so I have no way of going back. Someone please help me :(

27th Aug 2016, 12:49
I have the same glitch :/ I don't want to replay last 2 or 3 hours of the game. Please provide some good fix for that.

Maybe a better description of how I got there:
1. Quest to silently take down guards, got spotted and failed.
2. Marchenko told me to come to him.
3. Killed him.
4. Found VIPs and they die.
5. Quest log orders me to kill Marchenko again.
6. Nothing happens, he's already dead :/

27th Aug 2016, 17:53
Similar here except I killed him and then left the conference area. Found Miller and then went to help the VIPs. Marchenko was then ridiculing me saying either I come back and face him or he will blow the buildings. Carried on and then a cutscene appeared with Marchenko blowing the buildings and saying I need to come and get him. Went back to where he was before and he was dead. No mission progress from this point.

28th Aug 2016, 20:25
I just encountered this same situation. Used jammer to stop Machenko's bomb trigger, and then killed Machenko before going to check on the ViP's. On the way to ViP's, I'm being taunted by the boss that I just killed, and then sent back to kill him, after getting to the meeting room. But he's already dead and the game won't progress. Has anybody found a solution for this yet? I really don't want to go back to my last save before all of that.

29th Aug 2016, 23:35
Same thing here. I Killed Victor but the game doesn't know it...I'm taking this back tomorrow. I decided to leave the building and Victor is still alive and blows the towers....VERY ANTI CLIMATIC. I want my money back.

31st Aug 2016, 18:51
Worked ok for me. Did you use the killswitch or bomb jammer?

2nd Sep 2016, 03:29
Similar issue with this mission here on Xbox One. Although the bug begins earlier. After taking down 4 of 11 guards I saved the game. I proceeded downstairs and rendered the security code carrying guard unconscious in the bathroom. On exiting the bathroom I see the Marchenko cutscene soon follows. If I go back to a previous save 'panic' starts immediately, no matter what save game I choose. It begins even before I encounter the first guard. I have gone back to a previous save but this keeps happening. Also, the lip syncing has to be some of the worst i have seen in a game. It is so distracting that I have enabled subtitles and quickly advance as I read them. Other clipping, framerate issues, random crashes and lengthy load times have left me disappointed. Given the success and execution of outstanding titles like Mass Effect, Mankind Divided feels like a step back in time, rather than the Cyberpunk near future.