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26th Aug 2016, 15:09
Experienced a crash after completing the shooting range inside of the underground base. 4gb gtx 770, win 10 64 bit, 16 gigs ddr3, etc. etc. Just relaying this info to others.. SAVE OFTEN IN THIS GAME FOLKS.

26th Aug 2016, 18:44
yap had to skip the range because of the same thing
crash on exit at the inventory (re)load

23rd Sep 2016, 01:40
Yes... a bit more info maybe? Crashed on exit however, I did do something unusual before leaving the range..

I picked up as much ammo as possible.. i.e. maxed out to 999 for all types available .. I wondered if that action triggered a crash.. or maybe not..

Any way it's an observation..

Keep saving!

10th Oct 2016, 20:28
Try to drop any crafting parts BEFORE you enter shooting range. It seems having more then 1 stack of them (i.e. 999+ parts) crashes game when it tryes to calculate number of parts you'll have after gun's upgrade tutorial.

18th Oct 2016, 06:27
Just dropping crafting parts is not enough, had to drop most of my hacking software aswell (have lots of full 25 stacks since it's a new game+). Without dropping anything -> crash on entering the shooting range, dropping just crafting parts -> crash on exiting shooting range, dropping crafting parts + most of hacking software stacks (propably around 10 stacks, didn't dare to drop more since I have had the game crash before when dropping too much stuff from the inventory) -> no crash.

Why do hacking software drop as single items instead of as a stack when discarding? Makes a nice pile though!

Windows 10 64 bit, game version v1.9 build 582.1_P9

18th Oct 2016, 15:21
Could you post your crash info in this thread?


19th Oct 2016, 12:42
Strange, I managed to recreate this once (I don't have a savegame from just before when it happened) by loading a previous save from the end of dubai mission I had. But the crash didn't create a dump, just a windows event viewer entry. And for some reason it doesn't crash again when I load the game and enter the shooting range (on this current play through it crashed consistently until getting rid of some items in inventory). When trying to replicate this I skipped quite a lot of stuff I normally do before entering TF29 though, normally I explore most of Prague before first entering.

There are some .mdmp files, but not as many as I have had crashes (sometimes have a random crash relating to display driver/running out of resources or such).

Here's the event data for the last time it crashed:
+ System

- Provider

[ Name] Application Error

- EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 100

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2016-10-09T22:21:32.118544500Z

EventRecordID 6316

Channel Application

Computer xxx


- EventData

C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamApps\steamapps\common\Deus Ex Mankind Divided\retail\DXMD.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamApps\steamapps\common\Deus Ex Mankind Divided\retail\DXMD.exe