View Full Version : Steam Controller mouse stuttering

26th Aug 2016, 14:58
Mouse definitely doesn't feel smooth. When you slowly pan the camera, it looks as if it goes in small "steps" instead of a smooth continuous motion.

Ingame mouse sensitivity slider doesnt affect steam controller at all, so we are forced to use hardware sensitivity slider in SC configuraton menu, which is already all the way down.

But "for smoothest results, lowering in-game sensitivity while raising hardware sensitivity will provide the game with more precision to work with".

Accordingly, it's "stair stepping" because the pad/gyro sensitivity (essentially pad/gyro DPI) is turned all the way down and the in-game mouse sensitivity doesn't affect the SC properly and/or scale the way it should.

If the mouse sensitivity scaling worked properly you could simply turn the in-game mouse sensitivity almost to 0 and then crank the SC sensitivity to near max and get nice smooth mouse movement.

27th Aug 2016, 04:56
Just want to report that I've noticed this as well. I'm worried that this bug will be overlooked because the latest 524.10 patch "fixed" mouse acceleration, but by extending the range of the slider(s)—which do not apply to the Steam Controller. Mouse acceleration is still being forced in-game for the Steam controller, with its sensitivity range still out of whack and with no way to decouple hardware sensitivity from software sensitivity.

If other Steam Controller users are having problems with their camera controls stair-stepping or juddering, can we get some more replies to this thread and potentially get the devs to file a bug?