View Full Version : [PS4] Tactical Zenith Pistol possible bug.

26th Aug 2016, 14:02
Hello folks I'm enjoying the game so far and I have not encountered any game-breaking bug but I have noticed that if you equip the special edition of the guns we get with the pre-order packs those guns have a little annoying problem.

Little example if you get a normal Zenith pistol and you try to pick the same type gun a second time that second gun automatically convert into ammunitions and this is very cool because you can get loads of ammo this way.

However the special or tactical versions of the same Zenith gun when equipped doesn't do that so if I have the tactical version of the Zenith in my inventory any other regular Zenith gun I collect won't convert into more ammo but you get the gun instead as if you don't have that weapon in your inventory.

I'm not sure I expressed myself well.....in short terms

Regular Zenith equipped----> more ammo taken from every second zenith you collect
Special Zenith equipped----> no ammo from every regular zenith gun you collect. You get the gun instead.

This make the special editions of said weapons quite annoying to manage.