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26th Aug 2016, 12:32
I could put up with the lack of subtitles for Picus news at non critical moments but at the game ending, I get a very long 'silent' minutes of watching Eliza narrating about the various events that I had impact on, the choices I made but all of those went over my head.

As you see, I m Deaf, ergo its felt completely empty and a very poor ending to an otherwise great game up to that point. No idea at all what were the outcome other than dialogue between Adam and Alex.

Please do include critical moments captioning of background noise, but the Picus News were up close for good several minutes and subtitling should be included. Please patch that in urgently as there are many Deaf and hearing impaired gamers who would be likewise punished and having an anti climatic disappointing ending.

27th Aug 2016, 03:33
Hey, I am deus ex fan since the original one.

I just finished playing DE:MD and I am in awe how game has improved and little pissed how you guys did piss-job with subs.
Here's where and why I am pissed: I am hearing impaired and my huge disappointment at subtitles.
Deus Ex did helluva job with subtitles in DE:HR.
Even small chats between civilians did not go un-subtitled, and they knew what kind of conversation would gamer want to hear.
But in DE:MD, bad and inadequate subtitles. Okay, civilians chats are maybe wee bit tedious to be subbed: there's a lot of npc in the map.
But NOT SUBBING the Eliza Cassan's new at the end of the game which tells the gamer outcome of the actions Jensen has taken?
That was the tipping point for me.

Deus Ex is about overcoming human weakness, disadvantages and disabilities through augs.
It is game that should be aware of people with disabilities and I think not subbing the Eliza Cassan's news at the end of the game is real low, considering how DE:HR thoroughly subbed the 90% of dialogues.
At least, game should have subbed the Picus News at the end. I want to know how my actions led to what consequences.

27th Aug 2016, 13:19
Fully agree, and today I tried out Breach mode for first time, very clearly of completely different standard and by a different team! All the Picus News, Eliza Cassda are subtitled here BUT not in main campaign?! That ending was a real completely anti-climax for all the work and what were the outcomes? As a result I felt so undermined.


We are given the Clank treatment by the developer and publisher.