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26th Aug 2016, 11:19
Hi all! I've updated rpg-gaming to include a new skill calculator and build planner for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Skill Calculator - RPG-Gaming (http://www.rpg-gaming.com/dem.html)

The tool includes the ability to select each of Jensen's augmentations.
When happy with your build you can use the 'Export' function to then
save your character for future reference or to share on forums like this!

Please Note: Currently the Overclock feature is not yet implemented, this
will be coming soon.

Have fun and enjoy.


29th Aug 2016, 05:44
Quick update to say that I've recently implemented a patch to fix issues with touch enabled devices being able to select augmentations in the tree.


29th Aug 2016, 07:04
Wow, great work man, it really looks great.
I'm not sure I would use it though, as praxis kits are pretty much in abundance to me in this opus :)