View Full Version : Xbox One Glitches With LT Inventory

26th Aug 2016, 04:56
I paid $7 and bought my 10 Praxis Kits on Xbox One but they're not there! Yes I know about the inventory thing and click LT and that's not the case here. There's not even the prompt to even allow me to click and open it. I tried emptying my inventory to see if they'd pop up yeah no dice! This isn't the first time things have glitched for me in this bull**** inventory either! So far I haven't gotten the trench coat from the preorder pack and I also didn't get a single gun in my inventory either only ammunition and grenades as well as crafting parts NOTHING ELSE! So currently I'm out guns, skins, and $7 for my Praxis that I bought but hasn't shown up. I'm pissed and this makes no sense. Square give me what I've paid for and more for all this mess! I'm seriously at a loss for how badly this has been screwed up with the inventory system.

Update: ok so it's not a glitch! You simply have to do the stupidest thing ever to get them. You have to literally force quit the game to get your Praxis that you've purchased...who the **** thought of that?! I attempted to quit to main menu thinking I needed to leave the game to get them. Oh yeah you sure need to leave the game you have to force it to quit entirely! What the ****?! Who why how what?! That makes no sense! You should simply have to quit to main menu and then continue from there. I shouldn't have to go through the entire title screens to get what I bought. Not to mention THERE IS NOTHING THAT TELLS YOU THIS! I'm still out those guns and skins though so I'm still screwed there! Yay Square Enix! ����(-_-)����