View Full Version : Black 'fuzzy'? glitch creeping onto screen [PC]

25th Aug 2016, 22:40
hello i really REALLY want to play dxmd but every time i try i get this weird effect as seen below. can anyone help identify what the issue is? it is still visible when using the eye augment, but clears up when deactivated. it will then happen again a few seconds later, but seems to happen when moving to a new area/area with different lighting.



sometimes if i'm quick enough i can look at another area with more light and it corrects itself, but if if i leave it it ends up taking over the whole screen. it can be righted like i said, but it's super annoying and ruining the game for me.


any help would be appreciated.

i7 4790, 16gb ram, gtx 970. when running the game temps all around 50-60 degrees. double buff, msaa off, other current settings below. issue is with both windows 7 & windows 10. link to log file details: [here (http://sheax.tumblr.com/private/149481197905/tumblr_ochm2tR3my1qb73sg)]


edit: happening on main screen now after approx 4 mins of nothing: 15 seconds into this clip (https://clips.twitch.tv/sheax_b/MagnificentMallardWinWaker)