View Full Version : [PS4]Game broken upon returning to Prague

25th Aug 2016, 15:26
Once you return to Prague after Golem City, the game is terribly broken. I cannot seem to save anymore, load games (only by returning to the main menu), load different areas of the map or the Task Force headquarters. I was still able to do sidequests and interact with NON Primary Mission NPCs (Vega not appearing in Alley).

The bank isn't fully loaded either, upon opening the entrance doors, it only shows the reception desk and behind that you just have nothing (you'll fall off the map upon entering the 'nothing-ness'). I've cleared my storage, reloaded previous saved, but nothing works.

I've wasted 2 hours of my time (Assuming the reason I wasn't able to save/load was because I got disconnected, but this wasn't the case) Twice. Cause the moment I fell to dead the first time, I couldn't load a save AFTER I reached Prague, since I couldn't save in the first place. (Temporary unavailable). I even waited for a couple of hours to see if anything changed and nothing happened.

I tried loading a different area of Prague by using the train/subway station and it'd show the scene of entering it, and people looking at you (depending on aug or non-aug) and the loading never progressed, it remained an empty bar.

the game is amazing, but this type of stuff tends me to break out of the concentration and 'amusement' I get from the game and just leave it alltogether, cause I end up doing the same thing for two hours straight, three times now.

26th Aug 2016, 15:11
try reinstalling the game and the patch

27th Aug 2016, 10:19
I did all that, didn't really work. It seemed like it'd only load a specific area and if I go out of that area it will not allow me to save anymore etc etc. So like going from the TF shop towards the Red Light District, once I enter the RLD it'll not load the area properly near the Theatre and doesn't allow me to save.

I was able to prevent this in an annoying and time consuming way by saving right before the spot where it doesn't allow me to save, reload it and quickly move into it and then save and reload it again. Had to do it again once I wanted to leave the RLD.