View Full Version : hmm.. missing cd error?

9th Jul 2002, 01:39
for some reason, Thief 2 won't detect my game cd in the drive, despite windows reading it fine.

could this possibly be because I've added drives so there's been some massive drive-letter reassingment? I wouldn't think so, since it hasn't affected other games, but I suppose T2 might be sensitive to it.

It may be moot anyway, since I'm probably going to reinstall soon, at least once I get all my final OS issues out of the way.


PS - wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted over here yet. sheesh.

9th Jul 2002, 05:34
If the CD Drive has changed letter when installing your new drives, then yes it will have affected Thief. If this is the case then fortunatley for you, it is easy to fix :)

Inside your Thief 2 directory open up the file darkinst.cfg in notepad. You may also have to do the same with install.cfg if you have one of those too. I do, but don't remember seeing it before. Hrm

Anyway, the inside of the file will look similar to this:

cd_path d:\
install_path C:\games\Thief2
language english
resname_base C:\games\Thief2\res+d:\thief2
load_path C:\games\Thief2+d:\thief2
script_module_path C:\games\Thief2+d:\thief2
movie_path C:\games\Thief2\movies+d:\thief2\movies

All you have to do is change the letters in bold to match your CD Rom drive letter :)

9th Jul 2002, 14:28
ah - I missed that config file when I was poking around. Thanks.

my cd only went from L to T, no wonder it didn't find it... oddly enough, until I figured out why, my install drive letter changed too - then I realized that I formatted the drive that would be D in the NTFS format, so no wonder win98 didn't see it :)

I probably need a reinstall anyway (aside from needing to finally get around to doing so to the OS), since I can't seem to get the game to accept a resolution other than 640x480, even though i murder the minimum requirements with my new vid card..
I'll wait until I've done so to ask questions on that, since my questions may become moot.