View Full Version : [PS4] Can't use Icarus Dash

25th Aug 2016, 14:09
So. I have no idea how you managed to miss this little.. problem.

I'm playing on the PS4, with a Dualshock 4. I don't think you (the developers) are familiar with the Dualshock handcontrol. Because if you were, you would have encountered this problem right?

You see, you use your left thumb to move the left joystick (which controls Adams movement. You also use your left thumb to press the buttons on the D-pad. Law of physics and reality makes it so that your thumb can't click two things at same time. You might want to, but it just won't work!

Thing is, Icarus Dash is mapped on the D-Pad, meaning I can't move and use Icarus Dash.

I would like to know how I cheat reality and move Adam backwards and click the D-Pad button at the same time (so I can dash backwards).

Thanks and have a fantastic day.


25th Aug 2016, 14:22
I feel for you. Playing without a right hand to reach over quickly and hit the D-pad is a serious problem. Actually, using the right thumb (for those with a right hand) to reach over and move the left toggle stick while your left hand manages the d-pad might be even better. I think SE should send out a bionic right hand for you so you can have full motion again. That or a left hand extender to make your dashing easier.

25th Aug 2016, 15:13
Hah! Wow, yes thanks for that brilliant suggestion, using my right hand to press buttons on the left side of the controller.
For one that is a super-awkward maneuver, and I would loose control of the camera + the buttons on the right side of the controller while I did that.

So no, my right hand doesn't solve this situation. But thanks!