View Full Version : [PS4] Can't progress past tutorial in Breach, unable to start next level

25th Aug 2016, 14:06
I've been unable to progress past the Breach tutorial on ps4. I started Breach up just fine, but when I finished the last of the Network_00 missions, it crashed while showing me the rewards.

After a reboot everything seemed ok, until I tried to start map S01_Stockade on Network_1A. I can select the server, but there is no "press x to start" prompt on the breach point, and it is impossible for me to continue.

Do I need to play through the main story or something? I went straight to Breach. Has anyone been able to get past this?

25th Aug 2016, 14:24
The Breach mode is broken on PS4. Reached level 3 and it start freezing non-stop and crashed my game each time.