View Full Version : Text in game too small on TV's

25th Aug 2016, 12:57
This is my own personal opinion but the text on screen is too small to read comfortably from a distance.

I was playing on an Xbox One plugged into a 46" TV about 2 and a half meters away from the TV and while some elements are fine I found I had to focus harder on small text like the pocket secretary for example. On screen UI text in the HUD can be pretty small too.

I do not believe it's my eye's as I have normal eye sight and don't wear glasses. I asked some friends to sit at the same distance and they also found it a strain on the eyes.

This seems a pretty common problem these days, I think it comes down developers building the game using computer displays (console dev kits use computer displays too) so they base the UI around that, when your that close everything is easy to read.

Then the QA testers for consoles are probably using computer displays as well or even if they have a TV they are up close to it.

I'm not sure if this is something that can change but certainly it would be nice to include some larger font options for those who sit further away from the TV.