View Full Version : Items frome the Packs for next Playthrough

25th Aug 2016, 12:56

ive a simple Question:

Do i keep my Weapons from the Day One Editon pack for a new game. I mean if i start a new story on a diffrent difficulty for example, have i still got the option to take the golden 9mm, golden assault rifle, and the revolver from the sorage tab?

Same goes to the Enforcer Pack for example. I assume that the praxis kit and the items are only once usable but the tranq-rifle. is it just for one playtrough or does it last?

A clear answer would realy help me


25th Aug 2016, 12:58
Sorry I cant answer you, but where did you find the Day one items, mine don't seem to be in the Storage list on the left of the inventory and feel like my DLC code failed (even though it definitely worked)

25th Aug 2016, 13:45
I found the weapons from the day one on the storage list. Means the revolver, golder 9 mm and assault rifle. But i checked that wen i was first time in prague. May they are not available in the tutorial-dubai start mission. But just guessing.

Btw. I didnt had to use any dlc code. I dont have one i think just the game key for steam. In steam its listed as downloadable content but i didnt do anythning manualy. Just installed and patched.

A day later i saw that i ve some items there (storage in inventory) like granades and a praxis kit. Dont know were that came from.

But ive no clue were to set the coat for example and the rest and how.