View Full Version : [PC] Game doesn't start on Administrator account

25th Aug 2016, 08:52
I haven't been able to get the game to start on my main account since release. It doesn't even get to the launcher, the process simply kills itself. I tried the various proposed work-arounds and nothing worked, until I saw a comment suggesting that I create a new local user [Windows 10]. So I did, tried to run the game - and lo and behold! It works perfectly, 15 hours later, not a single crash or issue. Except that I need to log over to a different user whenever I want to play the game, because I still cannot run it on the Admin account.

I realise this is more of an inconvenience but it's still frustrating to switch around, any help would be appreciated.

26th Aug 2016, 18:59
Update: Just got the 524.10 build, and the problem persists.