View Full Version : Better Auto-Aim

25th Aug 2016, 05:39
As it stands, the game needs a stronger auto-aim. I cannot get my mouse dialed in so that I can hit anything with any regularity, even on the story mode. I love the Deus Ex series, but if even story mode plays like a regular shooter, then I'm starting to think I've wasted money and would be better off with a playthough video.

27th Aug 2016, 01:27
Sounds to me like you really shouldn't be playing a shooter. It's really not hard to point and click. What is the problem? Hardware "Mouse" issues?

27th Aug 2016, 01:49
Auto-aim? Who uses auto-aim on a PC? There's absolutely no need for it. I haven't bought the game yet (not sure if I will). Is that actually an option? If so, I hope it has the option to disable it. I need auto-aim like I need a spellchecker - which is to say, never.