View Full Version : [ PS4 ] video bug or what?

25th Aug 2016, 02:46
PS4 shadows/video bug?

anybody else has the same problem?
As soon as I completed the mission M3 where you need to get to a doctor Сoller in his library
If I start a new game in Dubai and other locations in Prague this is not observed. It is observed only in the first location (red metro line) including Adam Apartment
PS4 (digital deluxe version)

fix it?

25th Aug 2016, 17:32
Have the same problem. Linking to the other thread for accessibility :)


25th Aug 2016, 18:34
Just in case you aren't subbed to the other thread u posted in (from the other thread):

"Found a solution for me from steam forums (from steam-user LaiLaiHei):

"LaiLaiHei 15 minutes ago
I figured it out. I started a new save, went straight to the first mission (bookstore) without touching sidequests like I did before and it hasn't happened. Would have by now before."

It solved my problems. Loaded a save from the start of the map (roughly, was hacking my first door). And I just rushed that location, sneaked past all the guards and did the quest again. This time it worked when I exited through the sewers! WoW! "

26th Aug 2016, 00:06
Yes. thx. i start new game. and I went to doc. I lost 2 days for investigations and lost bonus "day one pre-order" (praxis, credits, weapon parts, grenades etc) it is disposable. good bugs to earn compensating Donat Square-enix bravo!!