View Full Version : Crash in metro after 3rd visit to Prague

24th Aug 2016, 22:52
Do you think this will be fixed soon? It is a gamebreaker for me, as I cannot progress. It just crashes each time at the loading screen.

24th Aug 2016, 23:15
It'd better be soon. Happening on my end too.
Ridiculous how many game breaking bugs there are in this full price "AAA" game and funny how none of the reviews ever mention such a thing.

As for more details, everytime I want to use the metro to go to a different section of Prague during the Police curfew, it shows Jenson walking through the tunnel before crashing.

25th Aug 2016, 00:03
Same goes for me. But only when I want to travel to Prekazka and all remaining Quests are there. :(

I´ve tried everything: Verify files, remove DLC, low Settings, windowed mode, ... Nothing worked for me.

Any suggestions?

25th Aug 2016, 13:18
There's another thread about this same issue here: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=190925