View Full Version : Mouse sensitivity slider biased too high, not granular enough

24th Aug 2016, 21:18
The range of the mouse sensitivity slider does not allow for reasonably low sensitivities, even with the mouse operating at a low 400 DPI. Having the sensitivity slider at 0% and the mouse at 400 DPI effects approximately a 30cm/360 sensitivity (i.e. moving the mouse left or right 30 cm causes the player character to turn 360 degrees). Allowing for lower sensitivities would be a huge quality-of-life improvement to the many players who only feel comfortable using sensitivities lower than 30cm/360 while also possibly using DPI settings higher than 400. A more granular sensitivity slider would be appreciated in order to accommodate such a wide range of target sensitivities (could be as low as 100cm/360) and DPI settings.