View Full Version : Massive Performance issues (Yes ive used the "Guide")

24th Aug 2016, 20:49
Okay so from what ive played so far ive enjoyed...

BUT this frame rate im getting......its a joke.

Currently im running this:

i7 4790k 4.0ghz
GTX 980 4GB
8GB Vengeance ram
MSI Gaming 5 motherboard

Im getting 60 fps for half of the game but whenever im in the city it drops randomly to 5 FPS sometimes even to 1 FPS and just stays like that fluctuating between 1 and 25 FPS. It actually gave me a rather bad migrain as well it wasnt just every now and then it was constant.

Its like that for virtually all of the city areas and the train loading screens are absurdly wrong.

Yes MSA is off Yes hardend shadows is off etc etc etc and all my settings are on high and ive even lowered them even further to check. All the unnecessary background processes are off. Firewall turned off even.

I didnt even have this much trouble with assassins creed unity and thats saying something.

Is anyone else dealing with this? because if so I want to know how anyone thinks any of this is optimized atm.

It needs an optimization patch if its not just me and if it is just me I want to fix it.

25th Aug 2016, 00:06
Same here. It started today (after patching). Right after leaving Adam's apartment it randomly drops from 60 fps to 20 and the screen freezes for like a second or two. It also crashed when I tried quick loading but I hope that was an isolated issue.