View Full Version : What kind of music do you want in TR:AOD?

9th Jul 2002, 01:08
I really want them to put techno/electronic rock/industrial rock in TR:AOD. Sure, the other "classical" music they put is alright, but imagine rock music/techno! The game would be so awesome! What kind of music do you want to hear on AOD? :confused:

9th Jul 2002, 01:14
Good music!! lol

I really don't care about what kind of music it is, as long as it adds to the mood, and sounds really good. Techno, rock, or anything else really wouldn't work in a Paris atmosphere. Paris is supposed to be elegant, well defined, and have a graceful aura about it. Classical style says all of that and more.

Kurtis Trent
9th Jul 2002, 01:53
i agree with aquarius.

techno rock music in tomb raider......:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Lil Lara
9th Jul 2002, 02:04
Hmmm.. I'm not too sure about music.. but I'm with Blacklabel... In the movie they had some pretty good techno music going while Lara was kicking some major butt. I don't really care about what music they put in the game, but techno really gets me in the mood for some action.. hehe..

9th Jul 2002, 02:25
:D i posted this same thread in the old forum.

I wanted music from the Resident Evil movie. Or some weird hybrid industrial mix. It must be different than the classic musical loop of the past TRs. Oh, and no Linkin Park!

But an imstrument track can produce a better atmosphere than weird industrial music.

Industrial music in TR? what was i inhaling when i posted that.

9th Jul 2002, 02:40
lol Funny you should mention Linkin Park, I just bought that on Friday. It's an awesome cd, but I wouldn't want to see the music in the game. Maybe in the the TR movie......

The 'classical' style of the past TR's has been the best!! It really does give the best atmosphere. The music from the VCI levels of TRC was good, I didn't really like it, but it fit in with the surroundings. I guess the music more or less has to fit in with where Lara currently is.

Like in TR3, in India, you'd much rather hear Indian style music, then say a classic style.

Again I say, the type of music really doesn't matter, just as long as it fits in with wherever Lara's at.

Another example, we've all heard about how Lara might be in the catacombs of Paris. You'd much rather hear something that sounds creepy and old, over something that sounds techno or like rock.

cowboy from hell
9th Jul 2002, 04:00
This is a wierd coincidence Black Label. I would like to hear music from Zakk Wylde or Black Label Society.

9th Jul 2002, 04:27
TR3 really did had the best music. I liked the drums and Indian chants when i was raiding in India. Also the London music.

Paris should have classical instrumental loops.
While raiding in the catacombs of Prague...something like what they did with TR3.

If Lara will go raiding at night, then i would lean towards something other than classical.

The music in the gameplay trailer was good though.

9th Jul 2002, 05:21
i say they do popular music... like techno type stuff! just like the movie... or have popular techno people (crystal method, moby, prodigy... etc) create a soundtrack for it!

9th Jul 2002, 07:31
The copyright involved in that would be prohibitively expensive.

It should have a proper orchestrated score, like the movie should have had.

Putting contemporary music in (ie. something that is trendy for 5 minutes) dates it too easily.

9th Jul 2002, 13:33
it would be awesome to hear some good old metal in there...
if anything, metal gets me in the right mood for action

and no techno please
no linkin park

and zakk wylde indeed kicks some serious *** too.. heh :cool:

9th Jul 2002, 13:35
and yeah, DaveJ, I agree completely with you.