View Full Version : [PC] Police car lights causing framerate drop to .5 FPS

24th Aug 2016, 17:14
Hey folks;

I have a fairly burly computer, can run Witcher 3 at max settings, GeForce 980, etc, etc. Per the known issues thread, I've updated my drivers, have MSAA off, contact hardening shadows off, volumetric lighting off, settings to low, and I still get .5 FPS near police lights.

This bug appears to have been introduced in the hotfix. Yesterday, I could wander Prague without issue. Today, any time I approach the metro station or the other police car to the west of the checkpoint, I drop to less-than-a-frame-a-second.


25th Aug 2016, 02:49
Just want to comment and say I have the same issue. GTX 1080. I have made a quick map of all the places where my FPS instantly drops to 1-2.


26th Aug 2016, 15:30
I experience the same issues. Seems to be the same area as on Sivlers404's map.


26th Aug 2016, 18:58
same for me as well gtx 980, less than frame per second, I can't finish a side mission as I am unable to enter a spot due to this problem.

27th Aug 2016, 04:41
Same here gtx 970, falls apart at the same border posted above. Tried all settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, reverted to older save. Only thing I haven't done is start a new game entirely.

27th Aug 2016, 20:21
Having the same issue. Can't go near the metro near the MachineGod church. GTX 970 here aswell. Tried playing on low setting and it doesn't make a difference.

Edit: Have the newest patch for the game and Nvidia.

28th Aug 2016, 09:39
I know this may sound stupid but, I've left the side mission I can't do and carried on with the story, after leaving for golem city and coming back to Prague the areas that I couldn't enter due to the fps drop now works fine!!! ALL areas are ok for me! can someone else try it and see if it the same? perhaps it's a coding problem with first explore of Prague?