View Full Version : In "The Thevies Quater" were are the other artfacts?

Keeper Collins
9th Jul 2002, 01:05
I checked everywere and I 'm still missing a few things.First,were is the Buliders Chisle?I thought it would be in the desacrated cahedral but it was'nt there.So, were is it?And even though I'm playing on expert I still whant the Fire Talisman and the Mage Medallion.So,were are they becuase I'
ve checked every were else.

9th Jul 2002, 08:06
It's been a VERY long time, but I remember breaking the wood to go out the church to a little graveyard and getting some stuff out there, the fire talisman included I think. Sorry that wasn't much help probably - good luck

9th Jul 2002, 13:23
The window that is cover with wood is only there on the Expert setting, when you HAVE to find those objects. Otherwise, you can't get out there at all.

The Chisel is in a little secret room in the Library, but you have to find the key for the chest. To do that, find an ancient hammer (where it is depends on your difficulty setting, but it's either in the same room, or down by the kitchen, I think.) Use the hammer to smash one of the statues at the end of the halls downstairs and you'll find the key in the rubble.