View Full Version : Texture glitch and low res on in game displays

24th Aug 2016, 15:49
Whenever I use a tv or a display unit(such as during the Richard scene) i get frame drops, low res visuals(on the display) and in the case of Richard, a strange texture glitch limited to a piece of his hair(his combover appears blurry, almost like an artifact but contained to that specific piece of hair) on the top of his head.

Other than that the game works fine, but the in game displays are just buggy and don't work properly for me. Any idea how to fix it?

24th Aug 2016, 16:04
Other games also work completely fine and my drivers are updated. I have a 960 4GB Geforce and even though its a low spec card it runs everything else perfectly fine. Current settings for the game are all on High.