View Full Version : Deus ex mankind divided Shareplay feature for PS4 still not working?

24th Aug 2016, 15:49
Hey yall. Shareplay is still saying things like this game isnt available in your country when my buddy is in the same country as me. Just wondering on a fix

25th Aug 2016, 16:02
I am also having a problem similar to this. When I try to Share Play with my friend who is in the same country as me, it gives him a screen that says this: (see image attached). I have gotten past the title screen of the game. I am not sure whether I need to get farther into the game for it to be seen. But if anyone has any answers of whether or not Deus Ex: Mankind Divided can be Share Played at all please let me know! Thank you! OH and please no plot spoilers when answering. ^_^

Thanks again!! Happy Gaming! ^_^