View Full Version : Cannot Save Within Golem City

24th Aug 2016, 15:05
Just as the title says. Been playing for about 10 hours with no issues. Not a single crash and saving works just fine within Prague. Get to Golem City and saves just do not go though. The saving icon on the left finishes the animation but any quick, auto, or normal saves are not able to be loaded or appear in the menu.

I'm on Give Me Deus Ex.

27th Jul 2017, 22:03
HI, same issue here, have you find the solution. Thanks for any reply. J.

28th Jul 2017, 13:08
Have you find any solution for this?

17th Sep 2017, 11:01
There is no solution, reload last save and pray this won't happen again. )

8th Feb 2018, 11:02
I'm having the same issue, in my second visit to Prague. I have put in 20+ hours so far, and the game does not save. The icon appears, but no file is made. I tried loading an older save and reinstalling the game, but it won't fix. My first save after loading works a few seconds after starting, then stops. It's made the game unplayable.