View Full Version : Microtransactions for SP...You just ruined the game...

24th Aug 2016, 13:31
I thought it strange that after doing the first mission i was still so far away from a lv up, and then i looked at the store and found praxis kits to buy...Okey....refunded... And one of the games that i wanted to play the most this year...:(
You just ruined my fun...Goodbye...:thud:
ps: Oh...just so you know, i refunded the dlc and the game. You won't see my money ever again...It's because of this kind of **** that piracy is coming back... Too much greed...:(

24th Aug 2016, 17:04
Your loss. You do realise you don't have to buy them don't you. And personally I think anyone that does is a complete mug. Over £3 for five Praxis points? Its laughable. Just play the game...