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8th Jul 2002, 23:41
The first time you saw a Hylden in Blood Omen 2, with those freaky green eyes and a skinless face, didn't you shout out loud, "What the #^%! is that?!" I said something close to that.

This is one of the first times in a long time that I've seen an enemy that's actually freaky. If you think I'm just a little kid who hides under the covers at night, then you must've missed the artwork at the end of BO2. If you know what I'm talking about, then I'm sure you'll agree that's one ugly dude.

Excellent job BO2 team!

9th Jul 2002, 09:30
Yeah, they are pretty freaky lookin', and the one in the credits most of all! Can't say I cared much for their "purple dresses" though...;):D

9th Jul 2002, 10:45
what you have to think about is if some bad *** mother wears a dress and is getting away with it. then he has to have one ugly looking body underneath


9th Jul 2002, 12:57
Yeah, I wonder what they look like under there. I don't know how they could get much worse though.

9th Jul 2002, 17:41
Guess I kind of assumed that the ones in the dresses couldn't look much worse than the ones with the funky arms that were running around butt naked--at least they looked like they were to me. What could you possibly have to hide that looks worse than that?!


9th Jul 2002, 19:06
I thought the dresses were aprons or something so they didn't get covered in whatever they were experimenting on. (It looked like they were doing something like that.) I'd like to see more of them and the Ancients especially how they were before they began to devolve.

9th Jul 2002, 19:25
I dunno, I thought they were a bit too alien looking for my taste. It's not a bad design, I just feel that somehow they don't belong in the LOK universe.

9th Jul 2002, 19:29
The ones running around "butt naked"(actually, I think they were wearing black cloth around there...uh...you know)were the creatures that were in the murals in Soul Reaver 2. Now we know that they are the Hylden for sure. The wing-like body parts that were coming out of their backs are also on the ones in the mural. It was pretty cool to see them in the flesh.

I felt the same way, Serul, but I got used to them and started to like them. Also, it marks the first time in the LoK universe that there is a true enemy. Moebius and the others are just side-enemies, they're puppets with strings being pulled by the Hylden.

9th Jul 2002, 20:07
Originally posted by KainSyndrome101
...I felt the same way, Serul, but I got used to them and started to like them...

As have I eventually.

Umah Bloodomen
10th Jul 2002, 00:52
With the design of the Hylden, it is pretty clear to assume what the Hykden social structure is.

Back to the murals for a moment (In the Hylden city by the green elevator) The Hylden rulers were decked out in outfts different than that of the Hylden we've come to know and love. They could easily be seperated as the leaders. The warriors are pretty identifiable as well with their primative semi-clothed garb. I would naturally assume that the Hylden wearing the purple dresses were their aristocrats, perhaps even their technological hierarchy. (The scientists, philosophers etc. - Experimentors would apply here also). I saw once in the older forum that the gender of the Hylden could be determined by their outfits. (Pretty much it was an assumption that the dresses indicated a female, and the warrirors were assumed to be male). This could be, however I still think that gender determination is still uncelar at this point with the race. I'll stay with my theory of the brains and brawn are seperated as I described.

I would also like to comment a bit on how Gigeresque the Hylden appear. They (although not as detailed as many other works of Gieger) have that hint of Gieger about them IMHO.

10th Jul 2002, 08:09
Of course the Hylden we saw in Bo2 weren't to look as though they didn't belong because they devolved for a long time in the Demon dimention. They look sorta like the devolved vamps of the Sr series, just more.....er........skinny. Yeah, thats the word. :D They did look more fitting in the Sr2 murals. They changed so drasticaly, though so do the devloved vamps (looks at Melchia). The closest thing I can think of in the LoK series to the devolved Hylden would be the devolved Zephonim. I think the thin limbs does it for me as well as the higher evloved Zephonim having those back wing sorta things as well. The Hylde did look creepy when I first saw the concept art on Demo disc from PsM. I want my old post count back, because I don't know how long the title says junior member though I'm makin sure it changes now. I remember when I came here the first time. I think it was before Sr2 was even released that I even signed up though I viewed things before that.

Stone Cold
10th Jul 2002, 18:07
The Hylden reminded me of the artwork from H.R. Giger.

I dunno, but the pale, thin limbs definetly made some of Giger's works pop into my mind.

10th Jul 2002, 20:07
You go a good point therea bout that whole devolution. They do look a lot better in those murals at the Hylden City.

The closest thing I can think of in the LoK series to the devolved Hylden would be the devolved Zephonim.

In my opinion every vampire you see in SR1 is an evolved vampire.

A good example of a devolved vampire would be Janos as the Beast.

The junior thing will go away as soon as you pass the 30 posts mark. :)

10th Jul 2002, 21:55
Yeah, no vampire in the present Nosgoth(SR1)was devolved, but evolved. Raziel only commented on them being devolved(I think he did)because he took some pity on them, I guess for their ugliness, or in my opinion: coolness.

10th Jul 2002, 22:02
In the case of evolving vs devolving, both are in a way correct which is a long going argument which there are many coming back up around here lately. As the vampire clans evolved to suit themselves better to their surroundings the weaker vampires in a sence devolve by gaining another weakness or the loss of inteligents becoming primal and run by the instinct to feed. With some of the weaker bosses (the ones recieving the least of Kain's gift) it works both ways though it seems the vampires with the greatest power retain their inteligents and highly evolve with no settbacks. Dumah is a good example though he died for some time gaining mostly spectral evolutions. Then again, one would think Morlock (story wise) would have been one of the oldest vamps with some great ability to stay alive over the ages. Some bosses did have some flaws to them. The Melchiahim rotted though seemed at home in the ground where they belonged. The Rahabim gained water immunity though were burned by sunlight horribly. Dumah's spawn were weak. The Turelim are the most Evolved and some retaining inteligents makes those vamps the only truly evolved ones. The only vamp that devolved with no evolutionary traits as well would be Janos, True.

11th Jul 2002, 01:00
That's true.

11th Jul 2002, 08:17
Well if you put it that way... :)

Umah Bloodomen
11th Jul 2002, 21:33
Originally Posted by Umah Bloodomen
I would also like to comment a bit on how Gigeresque the Hylden appear. They (although not as detailed as many other works of Gieger) have that hint of Gieger about them IMHO.