View Full Version : NPC's wont speak after i updated the game PS4

24th Aug 2016, 09:13
I played the game for a while then after the update is completed i installed it and restarted the game. after loading my save file, i noticed that the npc's in the game wont speak to me after i press the square button to talk to them. I tried reinstalling the update 2 times and same thing happens.

24th Aug 2016, 23:46
Hi Jayce, me too I have the same problem and I'm sure as well it's because of the patch 1.02.
I can't complete my secondary quest at Golem City with a npc I wanted to free...........
Hitting square doesn't let me talk to him or any random passengers.....
I paid 70€, fix your game, EIDOS !!!!!
Ps. Playing on PS4, too.

25th Aug 2016, 02:58
I'm having exactly the same issue! Yesterday I just selected play without updating to get to the game faster and it worked fine. Today, after installing the patch, no NPCs will respond when I attempt to talk to them. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. PS4 version as well, here.