View Full Version : Elite weapons are actualy a downgrade..?

24th Aug 2016, 08:07
Since I have the digital version of the game with the Season Pass, I also got the elite weapons. Pretty cool, although it's nothing more than a different skin...

While playing however I noticed that I should not have picked up my elite weapons, because it costs me too much bullets!

Why? Simple...the game registers the elite weapons as different weapons...because of this and limited inventory space I cannot pick up the regular version of the weapon anymore...while picking up weapons is a very good way to collect new ammo, this is not possible while using the elite version of a weapon.

I don't think it's meant to work this way...can this be fixed dear Eidos people? :D

24th Aug 2016, 12:19
If you want to be optimistic about it consider that an upgrade. Now every time you loot an enemy you get a fancy new gun you can sell for big credits

25th Aug 2016, 07:29
That would be the case if there was actualy space for new weapons in my inventory. But with a full arsenal of weapons there simply isn't space. So the actual result is that I'm not getting anything...not even bullets :(

25th Aug 2016, 07:42
yea i found out about that too getting multiple weapons , so i stored them again in the apartment , to bad but there are worse things