View Full Version : PC: Aiming issue if aiming in on sights #unplayable

24th Aug 2016, 05:51
Good morning


I have this issue that when im zooming in on sights it kicks my weapon hard up to the left and it doesnt fix the problem if i change my resolution or change the controller. I got the same Problem with the Mouse and the Gamepad.

If anyone could help me to fix this problem i would be very thankful, because atm its just unplayable :(

Greets Lengro:thumb:

24th Aug 2016, 08:59
I had this problem as wel, it is caused by tobii eye tracking. if you have the driver installed but don't have it enabled or connected, it is still being used. so either de-install the driver or connect the eye tracking and disable it in-game.
Hope this helpes.