View Full Version : Guaranteed fix to the train station crash

24th Aug 2016, 03:39

Just follow the link.

Edit: Just realized that sounds dubious. Here's the copy paste.

The Problem:

I put the game in windowed, turned FOV down to 0, put all the graphics on low, turned off vsync, turned off subtitles, disabled the dlc, verified the game cache, lit some incense, prayed to the machine spirits, and finally, after all of that, it still crashes as soon as the train station goes boom. I then restarted my computer and tried again but still no dice. That's a pretty good bomb.

The Fix:

Finally, I found a ridiculous solution. I put all of my graphical settings back to default and played again. Once the train station walk and talk starts I alt tabbed to a different window. I then moused over the icon for Deus Ex, the one that reads DXMD. I moved the cursor up over the small "preview" window and train station walk and talk unpaused and continued. Right click on the preview window and click options. The video of the game will freeze and the graphics options from the game start up will appear. Just let it sit there, even if the conversations stop playing audio. Eventually you'll hear the boom and the cutscene will start. At that point just cancel out of the options menu and enjoy.

GG Terrorists.