View Full Version : Recommended augs for non-lethal?

24th Aug 2016, 03:07
So I was thinking about TESLA but I would like to have something that knocks out foes without killing them and doesn't require ammo. Anyone try out PEPS? It's not clear on where its lethal or not and I'm pretty sure PEPS required ammo in HR.

So far I'd recommend Cloak (duh) and Quicksilver.

P.S. Can't find out how to increase the battery to allow more rechargable energy, like HR had. All I see is reduce delay, increase recharge speed and increase max energy (but does not increase the length of the minimal recharable energy right?)

24th Aug 2016, 09:36
My fists is all i need even to take out the Dubai mission. Didn't even realise I haven't equip my quickslot until i got back to the apartment. I just run and punch. Love the new cover to cover system.
Its like splinter cell.

Its best to just get all kinds of non lethal aug weapons.
Tesla, typhoon with gas, peps.

Doesn't matter if got ammo when u got variety.
If one runs put use the other.

Going to continue my rules of no Augs playthrough like i did with human Revolution.

May decide to include what is available in the DX: Go game. I hear its canon to the story.