View Full Version : How do I change what square enix account the game ties to?

24th Aug 2016, 03:01
I'm not even sure how it got the email it did but it automatically connects to an account I don't use.

How do I manually change it to the one my Deus Ex Go account is under? Every time I try it doesn't even give me a chance to even change the email.

And the email isn't even associated with my Steam account at all... no idea why it's using it.

24th Aug 2016, 12:53
I'd like to know this as well. I'm in the same boat.

No clue where the old email address comes from that the game auto-linked to, but the password reset option on the SE site doesn't even recognize it as a valid account. And yet I got an email on the old address thanking me for registering the game, even though I'd already registered it to the correct SE account/email. The one where all my other resources like the DE mobile app and DE:Go are linked to.