View Full Version : DEx MD Digital Deluxe XbOne - Missing DLC.

24th Aug 2016, 00:55
Xbox One Digital Deluxe Pre-ordered and pre-downloaded.
Account is linked To Square Enix
Clicked the link in site profile.
Deleted and re-downloaded the game
Season pass shows Owned.
I have received for the game was the extra mission, the OTS Sampler, and the E-books.

I have read through the forums, and there is a lot of talk about codes, and similar issues. Mine seems to be slightly different. I have never received a single code, the extra mission was pre-downloaded, and all of the non season pass extras showed up on this site profile. I Still have no access to the season pass items though. The Xbox store says I have to pay for them all both in and out of the game.

Any help or feed back would be Appreciated.