View Full Version : Razer Synapse Override

24th Aug 2016, 00:44
After starting the game, the settings in my Synapse software are all overridden. I happen to like the lighting settings I personally chose for my keyboard, mouse and mouse pad and I am extremely annoyed that somehow the game is overriding my preference. Is there something I can adjust in a config file to stop this nonsense? There is nothing in the options that I can see that addresses this.

28th Aug 2016, 12:42
Yes, there is. I took me some doing/digging/searching as well... Go into the Razer Synapse software, click on Chroma Apps and then Apps list. You'll find an entry DXMD.exe - select that one, then click on the pencil in the right top, and select 'Off'. After that, Synapse should behave itself.