View Full Version : BUG: Ultra-Capacity Biocells no longer working - max. Energy back to lvl1

23rd Aug 2016, 23:55

after surviving the crash at the train station, the next thing came up:

After getting my talents reset by Koller and respeccing, I put 3 points into max energy (Ultra-Capacity Biocells) - this worked fine for a while.
At some point I noticed that my Smart Vision suddenly dropped way early... and would you look at that, the maximum is back to lvl 1! :mad:
I would imagine it happened either at speccing something else or at some point when saving/reloading.

Here's some images:


Please, any workarounds? This is super annoying.

24th Aug 2016, 10:45
Same problem, but I only have the Advanced Capacity Biocell, it's never recharged over the level 1 amount. Makes for a really ****ty AMP.

24th Aug 2016, 16:57
Unfortunately, this is not a bug or a glitch, but an awful design decision. This seriously almost ruins the game for me.

So, by upgrading your battery maximum, it basically just means your energy bar can fill further, but here's the problem.

- Whenever you use a power that requires energy, it actually reduces the amount your energy bar can recharge on it's own. The only way to fully recharge your energy to the maximum is to use biocells. Yes, those items that are pretty limited out in the game world.

That portion of your energy bar that is fatter is the only portion of your energy bar that is guaranteed to be refilled. Used your powers a bunch of times on and off to try to conserve energy? Well every time you do that, the small line indicating your new maximum goes down.

I have no idea how someone thought this would make the game more fun. Difficult, yes. Fun... no. They should have reserved this mechanic for the hardest difficulty.

Basically, this design decision makes it so that you want/have to use your ablilities extremely sparingly. In a game with all these cool abilities, this feels very limiting.