View Full Version : Game keeps asking me to disable augmentations when I am at 100% stable!

23rd Aug 2016, 23:35
This will not go away and it is aggravating me. Here is what i see.. http://imgur.com/a/76pWm Anyone else having this problem?? I tried to find in the options somewhere for the interface to disable it until a patch comes out but nothing there helps me either.

24th Aug 2016, 00:17
So I am glad that i make a lot of new save slots when I save.. the only thing that fixed it was reverting to an older save and hoping it would not happen again. I got a response from a dev on twitter asking me what the problem was. I told her, showed her the link, didn't get a response.. so at least they know about it hopefully? ProTip: Keep lots of saves folks

24th Aug 2016, 19:16
I confirm i have the same issue right now and i don't know whether i should restart the game over or just wait for fix. on pc btw

24th Aug 2016, 20:10
Do you still have this notice on screen, even after hacking a device?

25th Aug 2016, 09:09
I've got this exact same problem.

Happened after the end of the first mission after I met Koller and he rebooted me, now the text won't disappear. Don't really want to spend or deactivate augments just to fix it. Also my previous save is far too back so don't want to chance that either.

Arrrghh, any fixes for this or impending patches?