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8th Jul 2002, 21:56
I bought a second hand playstation which came with a couple of games.one was a driving game which was o.k and then i tried the other one & BANG i think you all know the rest.............

8th Jul 2002, 22:17
I looked under a rock and there it was!

OK, no. Not really. We had bought a Dreamcast console and I noticed that they were releasing Tomb Raider The Last Revelation for it. Well, I always wanted to try that game so I went out and bought one and I fell in love with it! Through a roundabout way I also discovered these here EIDOS forums and now I'm here to stay! :D

8th Jul 2002, 23:28
I bought a magazine with demos from TR1, 2, 3 and TLR and I was like "Wow! Amazing!". After that I knew I had to try TR. I wasn't sure whether to buy TR3 or TLR at first but then I went for 3 and I'm glad I did - the best TR ever! Hard for a beginner though so thanks to Stella for helping me love TR at that time!

9th Jul 2002, 00:40
Good question;)

9th Jul 2002, 02:01
I was reading TIME magazine on a winter day in 1999, and read an article about Adrian Smith. On the article they had a nice picture of Lara Croft(posing in front of a pyramid). She looked so cool that I went out and bought TRLR cd right away.
And so, my adventure with her begun... ;)

For those of you who'd like to have a look at the article, visit www.time.com and search 'tomb raider'.

9th Jul 2002, 02:07
I became interested in Tomb Raider the first time I ever saw a commercial on tv for TR1. lol Sounds back right now, but that was 6 years ago, and I was only 10. lol ;)

Wow, that sounds like it was so long ago....... :eek:

9th Jul 2002, 06:27
When Tombriader II came out, my cousin and I rented it on Playstation, and we couldn't stop playing it. We went at it all through the night but got stuck on the auditorium level or something. When I heard Tombraider III was coming out, I knew I had to get it. It was TRIII that really got me into these games.

9th Jul 2002, 07:06
~Summer of 1996~

I was in like second grade and remember watching a friend play the first tomb raider on playstation(those were the good ol days). I remember it was the caves level. I remember I though it was so cool!

well anyway...............

~Year 1998,before christmas~

I was looking at a video game magazine I had just got and there was a ad for tomb raider 2. I remember the game from 1996 at my friends house. My Mom said we will see. I then remember looking at a EB catalog and say a ad for tomb raider III for playstation. I then asked my mom if I could get tomb raider III and a playstation. Well one night my mom came home with a early christmas present. It was tomb raider 2 for pc. I also got a playstation and tomb raider III(and of coarse other games). Also that christmas my aunt got me tomb raider 1 for PC. I was so obsessed with Lara after playing the games. I remember getting Lara's book and I would not let it out of my hands. I never finished tomb raider 3 because it was always hard(maybe one of these days I will).

~Year 1999,before christmas~

Well another year and another tomb raider. I got the PSX version of tomb raider the last revelation for christmas. I like got to the 6th level and stopped playing. I dont know why, but I was getting tired of tomb raider and Lara Croft.

~Year 2000, before christmas~

Well I was searching the web for some stuff and then a link appeared. It said The croft times so I clicked it and I saw a preview for tomb raider chronicles and saw that it had a level editor. I got so excited and that christmas I got tomb raider chronicles for the PC.

Well thats my story, and as for now, I love tomb raider and prob. always will :D .

THE True Lara
9th Jul 2002, 09:07
Okay, long story short, when the game came out all my friends started telling that me a game had come out with a computer character exactly like me. So, I played the demo's, found I really loved the game, and after playing all the demo's I eventually bought all the games.

The End.

Kind of boring compared to snickrep2002's saga. ;)

9th Jul 2002, 14:20
hmmmmmmmmmm ........I was playing Mario on Nintendo64 and a family member was on the PC playing TR1. I will always remember the cave and the first secret..............took me a long time to make that jump! Loved the precision and the aotomatic aiming - still do. :D

still love Mario, too.

9th Jul 2002, 14:32
hmmm...that was a long time ago.
I was at my friends house, and I saw her and her little sister playing TR2 (on PC) and I thought to myself "hmm, that game looks really cool, I should buy one from myself"
and I bought in the next day :D

9th Jul 2002, 17:20
My brother-in-law received TRII for Christmas 1996 or 1997 can't remember which. By New Year he was totally fed up with it - cause "he couldn't do it!". So I went round to see what all the fuss was about - I got straight into it and the rest is history!!! My brother-in-law now takes great pride in the fact that he introduced me to one of my favourite hobbies!!!!:p

9th Jul 2002, 18:45
I was at a friend's home and she was playing TRIII. She was stuck in level 2 (Temple Ruins) and she asked me if I could help her... And that's it! I got hooked -that's what always happens with TR, isn't it?-... We finished TRIII together, then we played TRC together, then TRLR and now I'm playing TRII... ;)

9th Jul 2002, 18:57
My cousin and I got hooked on TR III together. It was really weird, because we both had a copy of the game. He would sleep over at my house, and he'd play his playstation version and I'd play my PC version at the same time! We would have races to see who could complete the levels first, it was fun lol

9th Jul 2002, 20:46
Well, when I was working in my office abt 3 years ago, in my free time my friend gave me TR2 and I started to play in the office :D
then I fell in love to Lara, then I bought a Play Station and continue to play other series. Still I am playing over and over:p

9th Jul 2002, 21:26
i just went to bestbuy one day and went into the pc game section and saw the trilogy box, with tr1, tr2, and tr3 so i got it cause i saw lara's boobs and i was like :eek: and then i got hooked!

9th Jul 2002, 21:33
Originally posted by LaraCroft_TombRaider
i just went to bestbuy one day and went into the pc game section and saw the trilogy box, with tr1, tr2, and tr3 so i got it cause i saw lara's boobs and i was like :eek: and then i got hooked!


10th Jul 2002, 05:56
When I was delieved by the stork well the game came with me hehehehe

10th Jul 2002, 06:02
No like a breath of fresh air it floated into my life.

10th Jul 2002, 12:35
Having been a Mac user all my adult life, I finally switched to the other side and bought a PC. I couldn't believe how much was out there. I started downloading anything and everything I could. One of the downloads was the TR2 demo. I've been hooked ever since.


10th Jul 2002, 12:39
It seems like a very long time ago but i got a demo with an early issue of Official Playstation Magazine. It was a bit jerky, main memories of the original

laras abnormal pointy charms??

those bats

that music


Kurtis Trent
10th Jul 2002, 17:09
i had heard of the tomb raider games, but never really paid attention to them. then when my brother got a dreamcast, i just picked last rev off the shelf and WHOA:eek:

10th Jul 2002, 18:40
./I bought a gaming magazine with a demo cd attached, which had many demos of different games. Among them, there was also a demo of the first Tomb Raider game, the second part of the 'village of tokakeriby level'.
I started playing and couldn't stop...:)

10th Jul 2002, 19:19
I got hooked on TombRaider in 1998.

I was Playing TR2 when it had just come out with my cousin. We were playing Venice and we were up to the timed door part. (we have classic moments with TR2) When we made it to the door it closed. we were like awwww. Then it opened and we were like YAY then it closed and agin came the awww's the it opened and we wnet through and More YAY"s since then i have been hooked.

I got my PSx last x-mas. Then my cousin gave me all his TR games. He said he didnt like her anymore (which almost gave me a heart attack) but i have been playing Tr a lot now since its summer. :D Tr rocks!

The only other games series that has got me hooked like TR is Final Fantasy but besides that i find no other PSx game that can get me hooked. (though there are plenty of PS2 games to get me hooked on:o )

10th Jul 2002, 20:46
When we got a new PC TR5 came with it. My dad started playing it and I was watching him. He's not the computer type and I was waiting and waiting until he gave up. He finally did and I started playing and couldn't stop and I stopped eating and I stopped seeing my family and I was a social outcast and I didn't go to school and I didn't bathe and I didn't go the bathroom... I didn't do anything until in the first level of Tomb Raider Chronicals. Then I became a normal person again and got freaked out when the dog jumped on Lara and I didn't know got to shoot her guns. :rolleyes:

10th Jul 2002, 21:43
i had unknowingly bought the demo version of TR1.
and i was excited because i had heard of TR somewhere, of the name intrigued me.
So i started playing, and i started learning more about Lara. I was such a bad player at first, I didn't even know that the bats would harm Lara. I had no idea how to vault or how to shoot.
But then i played the tutorial, i loved Lara's house, and i've been a loyal fan to Lara and TR ever since.

11th Jul 2002, 04:01
I remember going to my uncle's house and I saw him playing it. I was into it but not that hooked till he let me try the game. Once I knew what to do I suddenly loved the game. Then my family brought me the game and I got so happy and on christmas they will buy me the next part an so on. I just can't wait till TRAOD comes out.

11th Jul 2002, 05:00
TR2 was the first one I got, my dad was out buying random PC games of interest, and he got that, I was hooked on it then ^^

Mr Sinster
11th Jul 2002, 06:30
I brought my PSX the day TR2 came out,the funny thing is though,that i didn't buy TR2,i brought FF7,after getting home and playing FF7 for 10min,i thought "this game SUX",and back to the shop i went.
I told the man that i thought i had brought the wrong game,and could i swap,he said"OK,what game do you want"spying a big box full of games behind the counter,i said"what are those","oh thats a game called Tomb Raider"he said,OK,i said,i'll try it.:) .
Well for the next 5 months i live infront of my TV playing this game,day in and day out;"I WAS IN LOVE" .
so now(all TR games played,TR comics,TR posters,TR Tattoo,the love affair goes on.........:D :D :D

11th Jul 2002, 11:22
I just sort of stumbled upon it...the way Lara just stumbles upon a tomb=) lol I was given a Saturn for my 16th bday and then that xmas I found some game for it called Tomb Raider in my pile of pressies;) And from the moment I entered the Caves in Peru i was hooked:D

11th Jul 2002, 19:26
I have the first tomb raider for my saturn too. I also have tomb raider for PSX. I think it is better on the PSX version because the controls in the saturn version are hard.

11th Jul 2002, 21:59
I was bluffing at my friend at the film school in Brussels that I had played some of the greatest games EVER which I got for free from a friend who wasn't interested in games anymore. I played Wolfenstein, Doom and Doom II, Prince of Persia, Lemmings and Battlechess. Little did I know that my friend came along with the latest of the latest and the greatest of the greatest game ever made!!! It was Tomb Raider and I fell in love with it faster than you can say Micropachycephalosaurus. Still got his game, though ... never gave it back; that's how much I loved it ... hehehe!! :cool: :D

12th Jul 2002, 16:06
A loooooong time ago, i was at my friends house, and she had borrowed TR1 from her uncle. We started playing, and we loved it! So, a few years later, I was at the store and as I walked by the computer game section, I saw TR1, and decided to buy it. After I started playing, I thought it was so funny, because we had always played, but could never make it past the first level!:rolleyes: We always got stuck on the timed door, right after you kill the wolves, and pull the lever, jump across...you know. But, now I'm on level 10, and I could've already been finish w/ the game, but I bought TR3, and played that for a while.